What do I need to qualify?
To be eligible for a doorstep loan, you must be at least 18 years of age, must be living in the United Kingdom, and must be earning sufficient income to meet the repayments.
What are the requirements?
Requirements for doorstep loans are very few and very easy to accomplish. You only need to provide the basics- your proof of identity, proof of residence, and proof of income. You don’t even need to have a bank account because the repayments will be collected from you by the agent every week in cash.
What are your fees?
We do not charge you for using our service. We compare all doorstep loan products across the UK FREE of charge.
Can I apply if I have poor credit?
Of course. Having bad credit shouldn’t hinder you from making an application for doorstep loans. Because we have access to hundreds of different loan products in the market, we can help you find a suitable offer, whatever your credit may be.
How much can I borrow?

Our lenders can let you borrow between £100 and £1000. However, if you’re a first time borrower, you may be able to up to £400 max, but this amount should increase for repeat customers.

How much will my loan cost?
The cost of your loan will depend on the amount you borrow and the interest rate of your loan, which will be fixed. You will know your total repayable amount upfront before you decide whether to proceed or not. For example if you took out a £300 loan at 70% interest rate repayable over a 32-week duration, your total payable amount will be £510. Of course, interest rates may vary depending on the amount and the term length.
When should I start making payments?
You should start making repayments 7 days after receipt of your funds. The agent will visit you at your place to collect payments so that it would be convenient for you. All your repayments will be recorded in a payment book which will be sent to you so that you will remain updated on your payments.
What if I miss my payments?
Should you encounter any difficulty about making your payments, we suggest you call your lender immediately so that they can work out a suitable arrangement for you. This can help avoid having your missed payment reported to credit bureaus. Bear in mind though that late payments have associated fees, so always try your best to pay on time.
Can I settle my loan early?
If you want to settle the debt early, you should contact your provider for assistance. Most of our lenders can let you do so without early repayment fees, but we suggest inquiring about this upfront so you’ll be informed ahead of time.
Will getting a doorstep loan affect my credit?
Yes. As with any type of credit, a doorstep loan will be stored in your credit profile. Thus, making on time payments will appear as positive entries on your credit report and should boost your credit rating. On the other hand, late payments will affect your credit negatively.
How do you make money?
We do receive a small commission from our lenders whenever you sign up on a loan through us. However, keep in mind that you will not shoulder any of these costs, and rest assured that this will not affect our honesty and credibility in matching our services. We will never force you into a loan that we think you cannot afford just so we can earn our commissions.

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