How it Works

Here at Doorstep Finance, we’ve made borrowing money as easy as 1,2,3.
Step 1. Choose your loan option.
All you need to do is to tell us the amount you want to borrow and for how long you want to make the repayments. Doorstep Finance will scour through our partner lenders and will give you a decision within minutes!
If it’s your first time getting a loan, you may be limited to £500, depending on the lender. You may choose to repay your loan between 14 and 52 weeks. You will provide us with these details when you apply through us online, and based on this information we will find suitable lenders for your need.
Step 2. Choose from one of our partner lenders.
Based on your current financial circumstances, we will search through our vast network of doorstep lenders and lead you to ones that best match your present situation. We will give you a quote for each so that you can easily see how much your loan would cost before you make a decision.
Once you’ve found the right lender, we will contact them to forward your application. If approved, the agent will deliver the money right at your doorstep, at no additional cost!
Step 3. Prepare your weekly payments.
We and our partners have made it convenient for you so that you won’t have to leave your house or submit your bank details. Despite your busy schedule, we can set up arrangements on how your agent can collect your weekly repayments at your own convenience!

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